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June 12, 2013  •  6 Comments

Me writing

Well, here it is, my first blog post ever.  Yup, my very very first blog post ever.......... (cue the crickets).

Okay, okay, actually my wife JoAnn is the writer of the family.  She's really good at it.  You can ask her to write about some subject and in a few minutes she'll have something for you.  Me?  Yeah, check back with me in three days and maybe I'll have the opening sentence for you........  Maybe.

It's not that I can't write (although some may argue this point) it's just that when I start I'll just sit there in this blank faced stupor trying to think of something (refer to photo) and then when something actually comes to mind I'll get a hundred ideas all at once and then I get frustrated because I can't get them all written down before I forget half of them resulting in me sitting there in a blank faced stupor waiting for the next hundred ideas to show up.... all at once.

I tell ya, it can get viscious inside this head.

Alright, alright, enough of this self pity.  Let's move on.

My goal for this blog, as it says up top (which by the way took me two and a half weeks to write!  Whoops, sorry, I digress) is to share recent projects I'm working on and just stuff about life.  I'm going to try and submit things regularly to the blog (because hey, who doesn't like to be regular) but we'll just have to see how it goes.  Since I'm starting this whole thing in June of 2013 I'll probably do some back tracking to the beginning of 2013 and who knows, maybe some fun things from even farther back.

I'd love to hear from you and get your thoughts on my work, the blog or whatever.  If you have any technical questions or just want to talk about life or family I'd be up for that too.  I'm not really sure where all of this will go but I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens.  I invite you to come along.

Thanks, Joel



Linda Bailey(non-registered)
I love the way you write , Joel!
Elizabeth Gleason(non-registered)
I had no idea how terrifying this process was for you! I give you an five stars. When's the next one!
Jessie Andersen(non-registered)
I agree, Joel. It's definitely good to be regular! :) Glad to see your stepping into the blogosphere! Good luck. Please post your posts on FB too because I'm horrible at going through all the blogs I follow, but I love to read them. If I see them on FB, I hop on over! Can't wait to see more of your stuff. Oh, and I love the picture! :)
Joel Marsh Productions
George, yeah, my head needs more stuff in it about as much as my waistline needs more Doritos :-)

Thanks Cathy. Actually my daughter Emily took the photo. For all the techies out there: I had Emily sit on the couch with the laptop on her lap. I put a manual flash with a remote trigger on the laptop pointing at her face and dialed the power down to it's lowest setting (1/16 power). It was still too bright so I took one of those gray plastic Walmart bags and put it over the flash and that knocked down the flash enough to give me the exposure I wanted. I thought the rest of the scene was too dark so I put another flash with trigger behind the camera and bounced it off the wall. I adjusted that flashes power until I was happy with the exposure. Once I had it set the way I wanted Emily and I switched places and she took the shot. The whole process took about 10 mins.
George Clever(non-registered)
Ahhh! a new adventure with the blog. Great intro. N
Now to focus on just one of those 100 ideas. Why not begin with some of your favorite photos? Maybe a video would do. How about a story about the infamous accident. You could do a few lines on music...oops. Sorry, i am only adding to your 100 thoughts. Good luck.
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