Sara and Hugh engagement session

January 20, 2014  •  1 Comment

Sara and Hugh are getting married this February in the Reg Lenna Civic Center in Jamestown, NY. The Reg, as they call it, is an old vaudeville theater.  They say this is the first wedding ever held there.  From the sounds of it it's going to be a fun wedding to be at.  They plan on having the ceremony right on the stage with all the guests in the audience seats. Then, after the ceremony, they are going to move in tables and have the reception on the stage.  I'm really looking forward to this one.

Until then, though, we did an engagement photo session at the Viking's Summer Lodge on Chautauqua Lake.  It was getting pretty late in the year to be doing an outdoor photo session but we got lucky on a sunny but windy Saturday. Now when I say windy I don't mean kind of breezy, like you'd like to have on a sunny summer day as you lay in your hammock, no, I mean like all of a sudden there is a gust of wind that makes you grab on to the closest non-movable object like a large tree.  We kept trying to hide behind buildings and trees to get out of the wind just to get some shots where Sara's hair wasn't being blown over her face and sticking straight out sideways.  Every now and then there would be some breaks in the wind and we would scurry out to do some shots out in the open.  

At the end of it all we had a lot of fun and got some great shots.  The way things are here in western New York I'm sure that by the time the middle of February rolls around we could have some even more interesting weather conditions to deal with.  Oh well, that'll just make the memories that more interesting.  I can just hear Hugh talking to Sara 40 years from now, "Hey hon, remember our wedding day and that blizzard we had?"




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