Robotic Surgery TV Ad for WCA Hospital

January 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I recently finished work on a new TV ad for WCA Hospital highlighting their robotic surgery services.  Linda Johnson, WCA's marketing person, wrote the script and I shot, edited and did the voice-over for it.  It's always a challenge doing this sort of thing because you literally have to shoot most of it after hours when the "actors" (actual doctors and OR techs) are at the end of a long day and just want to go home.  They have to sort of just stand around a lot waiting for their turn on camera and for multiple takes.  Everyone was a good sport though and things went pretty smoothly.

This commercial was interesting in that we didn't use just WCA people but also incorporated a cello player from New York City who spends his summers at Chautauqua Institution and plays in their orchestra.  It's always tough work when you have to take part of a day and spend it at Chautauqua :-)   In speaking with him I found out that he's played in orchestras for numerous TV commercials and movies.  You might think someone like that would be a little...... let's see.... how to say it nicely ..... uppity perhaps, but he was really friendly and we had a nice visit.  When I told him that we were using a piece of music from Bach (I couldn't remember which one) he sat down and started playing something and asked if that was it.  I listened for a few seconds and then realized that it was indeed the song we were going to use.  I had him play the beginning and ending over and over again so I could shoot him at different distances and with different movements.  He was very patient with me and the folks that walked by his front porch, where we were, appreciated the mini concert.

The spot is playing on local cable on various networks and at local theaters (before the movie starts).  It took a while to get approval from all the interested parties but once it was all done I was pretty happy with the final results.  You can check it out below.



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