Joel Marsh Productions: Blog en-us (C) Joel Marsh Productions (Joel Marsh Productions) Mon, 04 Apr 2016 20:18:00 GMT Mon, 04 Apr 2016 20:18:00 GMT Joel Marsh Productions: Blog 120 119 Emily and Curtis are Married on the Shores of Lake Erie Today I'm revisiting the wedding of Emily and Curtis that I photographed last summer.

You may remember Emily and Curtis from their engagement session that I talked about here.

The wedding and reception took place at Shorewood Country Club on the shores of Lake Erie just a little west of Dunkirk, New York.  I had been there a few times before but never for a wedding.  The view of the lake is beautiful and I thought we would have an opportunity to get some nice shots.

The day started out kind of windy and chilly and I was worried that the weather might put a damper on the outdoor service.  By the time the ceremony began, however, it had warmed up and turned into a beautiful day.

In the reception area they had this huge table filled with just about every kind of candy you could think of.  Now you might think that would be a good thing, but having walked past it numerous times and of course trying something different each time, yeah, not so much.  They also had tons of decorations that were made mostly by Emily and Curtis' families.  They looked nice, but by the looks of it, somebody spent a lot of time with the glue gun.  The cake was one of the nicer ones I've ever had the pleasure of devouring.  It was made up mostly of cupcakes, which isn't all that unusual, but the thing about it was there were like five or six different flavors of cupcakes, and, of course, not wanting to be rude, I felt that I should try more than just one flavor.... or two.....or.... okay, whatever, they were yummy (don't judge).

As the sun was setting on the lake I hurriedly grabbed Emily and Curtis and dragged them outside to do some quick sunset shots.  The shots looked really good so I started grabbing anybody else that was nearby for some photos against the sunset.   By the time I was done I had a bunch of pictures of people that looked like they had just been on a cruise and gotten one of those complimentary photos against a fake sunset backdrop.  (I'm still trying to figure out if that's a good or bad thing.)

Once the sun finally set a lot of folks went outside for the ever popular Chinese lantern lighting.  They really do look pretty once you get a bunch of them going and every now and then one of them catches on fire or drops out of the sky before it's gone very far which always keeps things interesting.

This wedding was a little different in that I knew a lot of the people there, having been friends with Emily's parents since elementary school.  It was really nice.  It was kind of like a little reunion.  I got to see and talk to people I hadn't seen in years.

All in all I had a great time and by the looks of it so did everyone else.  Below are some images from the day.


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The Oaks So the other day my realtor friend Sharon Lisciandro calls me up and says she has a property that she's going to be listing and the camera on her phone just wasn't going to cut it.  When she told me what the property was, I knew she was right.  Sharon was going to be listing The Oaks, a beautiful bed and breakfast in Jamestown, NY.

Designed and built in 1930 by a prominent Jamestown architect, the building was originally used as a private residence by the architect.  In the 1960s the home was sold and converted into a residence for the elderly and was used in that capacity for a number of years.  In 2008 the property changed hands again and became The Oaks Bed and Breakfast Hotel.

It was a fun and challenging project and I'm quite please with the way the photos turned out.

If you're interested in buying your very own castle you can find the listing here.

Sharon is allowed only a certain number of photos on the actual listing page so I've included even more photos below. (If while looking you listen very closely you might be able to hear bagpipes in the distance or some other thing that would make you think of the clanking of a knights armor....or the footsteps of a medieval army marching.... or the screams of someone being thrown out a window into the moat.  Yeah, stuff like that.)


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Jessica and Brad Engagement Photos at Celoron Park This past weekend I shot Jessica and Brad's wedding in Buffalo, which of course means I will now show you some of their engagement photos that we did a few months ago.  (Sigh...  I really have the best intentions about making these posts a little more timely.)

Anyway, we decided to meet on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in Celoron Park, which you may or may not know, is where the now infamous scary Lucy statue lives.  If you don't know what I'm talking about you can read about it and see a video here.  Jessica and Brad asked if their dog Winston could come along too and be in a few shots and I of course said that was fine.

I didn't really ask anything about Winston.  I had done another engagement session with a couple and a dog a couple of years ago and I just had that image of a dog in my head.  He was a pure white Huskie kind of a thing and was really a pretty looking dog.

When I got to the park I found Jessica and Brad and as I got closer I saw Winston.  Let's just say, Winston was not going to be pulling a sled across the Arctic any time soon.  Winston was pretty much the biggest bulldog type thing I had ever seen.  He was, and I'm not really exaggerating here, pretty much as wide as he was tall, and had the biggest tongue I've ever seen on a dog..... or elephant.  My daughter Emily, of course, immediately fell in love with him.  I know her well enough that I could tell she was already trying to figure out how she could sneak him in the van and take him home with us.

We thought it would be best to get some shots with Winston first so that he wouldn't be stuck waiting around.  (Jessica's mom was dog sitting.)  The problem with Winston was that every time I knelt down to get to his level he assumed I was down there because I wanted to play and he would promptly come trotting over to me, tongue wagging in the wind.  We were able to finally get a few shots with and of Winston and he was released to go and play with grandma.  After that the rest of the shoot went pretty smoothly, we even got one with the scary Lucy statue.  I'll have the shots from the wedding up hopefully in a couple of weeks (or three.... maybe four..,) but until then here are some of my favorites from the engagement session.


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Chelsea and Jason Engagement Photos at Chautauqua I photographed Chelsea and Jason's wedding this past weekend and while it was a wonderful affair it made me realize that I had never shared their engagement photos.  So, let's share.

Chelsea and Jason contacted me last Fall, but it wasn't about photographing their wedding, they wanted me to video it.  I said that I would be happy to do it.  We met a little while later and discussed all the particulars and agreed on everything.  I wrote them in my calendar and we were all set.  A couple of months later, however, Chelsea contacted me and said that the photographer they had hired, before they ever met me, was having to move to Georgia because her husband was being transferred.  She wondered if I would be able to photograph their wedding instead of videoing it.  I said that would be fine, but now we had a little problem.  I include an engagement session photo shoot with my package but we were now in Winter and I've never done an engagement session in the snow before.  We talked about it and decided to give it a shot because they wanted to have the photos so they could make up a sign-in book for their wedding that included their engagement photos.

Jason had some military obligations so we didn't have a lot of times to choose from as to when we could do the session.  We also didn't have a lot of options because of the weather.  We decided rather hurriedly one day to run off to Chautauqua Institution because everything seemed like it would work time-wise.

We had to trudge through some snow every now and then but in the end I was very happy with the way the photos came out.  Never having shot an engagement session in the snow before had me a little worried but I would be more than confident about doing another one any time.  Below you can see some shots from the day.


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Jana and Cooper Much like my friend Chrissy, my friend Jana had been mentioning for some time that she would like to have some photos of herself and her son Cooper.  We finally decided on a time and met up at Chautauqua Institution back in October of last year. 

I always strive to make people look as good as possible in my photos, but with Jana and Cooper there was a little more incentive than usual.  You see, Jana is my boss at WCA Hospital.  Don't get me wrong, she's a great boss and we get along fine, but there's that little extra bit of pressure to make sure the boss looks good..... oh yeah, and her kid too.

I really didn't need to worry, however.  Jana and Cooper are both great in front of the camera.  Cooper especially, considering he was only eight years old at the time.  (He recently turned nine.  Happy birthday Cooperman!)

I probably should take this opportunity to offer a warning to all the parents of young ladies.  You may want to start planning on how exactly you are going to lock up your daughters, because young Mr. Cooper, in the not too distant future, is going to be a playah.  (Pardon my use of youthful urban slang, but it seemed appropriate....... I'll try not to let it happen again.)  He's a great looking kid with tons of personality and energy.  Earlier in the day he had participated in a cross country race (I think it was a mile) and I wondered if he might be a little tired and uncooperative or just the opposite, really wired and bouncing off the walls.  I didn't need to worry though, as he was very cooperative and even had some ideas for some shots himself.  One interesting thing though, throughout the whole shoot he kept saying that he really wanted to climb a tree.  I found that request to be a little random, but I didn't care, so I asked Jana and she said it was okay (although I think I sensed a bit of hesitation in her voice. I kind of got the feeling that Cooper may not be that much of an accomplished tree climber).

Now, if you've ever been to Chautauqua Institution, you realize that there are tons of trees there.  I figured it would be no problem to find a suitable tree for Cooper to shimmy up.  Well, I'm not sure exactly how they've done it, whether by creating some sort of genetically mutated tree seeds or by bands of crazed Chautauqua residents running around with chain saws, but we could not find a tree that was big enough to climb that had any branches that were closer than 10 feet off the ground.  Every time we went to a new spot to do some photos Cooper would ask if there was a tree that he could climb.  I would dutifully look around and then give him the bad news that no, there wasn't a suitable tree in sight. As the shoot was winding down we still hadn't found an appropriate tree and I was starting to feel pretty bad because he really wanted to climb a tree.  (To this day I'm still not sure why he wanted to climb one so bad.  I'm pretty sure his hometown has trees.  Maybe he lives in a tree free zone or something.)  As it was now getting dark and we were heading to our vehicles to leave, I suggested we look at one more place to see if there was an appropriate tree for Cooper to climb, and then........ there it was.  It was like something from a movie.  It was like a shaft of light was descending from Heaven and shining on this one tree.  I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing.  We walked over to it. It was perfect.  The first branch was about six feet off the ground and more than big enough to hold him.  I may or may not have hugged the tree, I can't really remember, it's all kind of foggy.  I asked him if this would do and he enthusiastically said, "Yes!".  I then triumphantly lifted young Mr. Cooper up onto the first branch.  The tree was big enough that he could have climbed up another eight or ten feet so I started telling him how to turn and which branches to use.  He got turned around and after a few seconds of looking at the path I had laid out for him said something to the effect of, "You know something?  I think I'm good."


I calmly asked him if he was sure he wanted to get down and he said, "Yes."  So I got him down out of tree and we all walked to our vehicles and went home.  And that was that.  Photos below.


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Carly and Adam are Married in Jamestown, NY Carly and Adam were married back in October of last year.  I realize I'm a little late in getting this posted but I still wanted to because it was such a great day.

You may remember Carly and Adam from their engagement session earlier last year.

The wedding day started out with my daughter Emily and me meeting up with the ladies at Dorian's Plus for hair and make-up.  Carly and Adam's moms were there too.  Hair and make-up might seem a little boring to someone from outside but it's a great time for everyone to relax, have a few snacks and just have a lot of fun together.

After the ladies were done we hustled over to the reception venue (a cool old train station) to see how the decorating was going and to get a few shots, only to find we weren't alone.  There just happened to be a few thousand people hanging out by the train station.

The wedding and reception were taking place in Jamestown, NY and for those that may not know,  Jamestown just happens to be the hometown of one Lucille Ball.  Yup, that Lucille Ball.  Jamestown does a great job of keeping Lucy's memory alive with a museum and lots of Lucy events throughout the year.  Today just happened to be the day for the Lucy half marathon and an attempt to break the word record for grape stomping.  I knew these events were happening the day of the wedding I just didn't realize that the grape stomping was taking place right by the train station.  I'm not sure I can put into words what an attempt at a world record grape stomping event looks like.  They literally closed off half the street by the train station and filled it with grapes.  60 tons of grapes.  Yes, you read that right, 60 TONS OF GRAPES!  And then they had 1,500 people stomping on said grapes  with I don't know how many hundreds (thousands ?) watching.  There were TV news teams there and radio stations..... it was really quite the sight.  My only thought was, "how are we going to have a reception here with all of this going on?"

After the train station we ran over to a hotel where the guys were getting ready.  Carly's dad was there too and I asked him how the reception was going to work with all the grape stuff going on and he said that the city had assured him that by the time the reception was supposed to happen everything would be cleaned up.  I kind of just stared at him for a second.  "Seriously?", I said.  "They're going to get a few thousand people and 60 tons of mushed up grapes out of there in a couple of hours?"  "That's what I was told", he said.  "Okay", I thought, "well, good luck with that."

After a few shots of the guys we all headed up to the church.  The getting ready and ceremony pretty much went off without a hitch.  The only issue happened when the moms were lighting the candles for the unity candle portion and the lighter was just not cooperating.  I got so mesmerized watching these poor moms endlessly clicking away the lighter that I almost forgot to take a photo.  Other than that everything else went smoothly.

After the ceremony the wedding party rode in a horse drawn wagon down to a bed and breakfast where Carly and Adam were going to stay that night.  We got a few shots there and then it was back to the train station.

When we got back to the train station, to my utter amazement, all the people and all the grapes were gone.  I couldn't believe it.  They had dispersed all those people and cleaned up 60 tons of grapes in a couple of hours.  I was thoroughly impressed and relieved.

We grabbed a few shots in back of the train station down by the tracks and then headed inside for the reception.  The reception was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to have a great time.  The food from Andriaccio's was delicious and DJ Denny Kyser had the place hopping all night.  One of the things we really liked was they had these three baskets filled with gourmet popcorn.  Delish!  Towards the end of the evening a lot of the guests went outside and lit and released Chinese lanterns.  It was really pretty.  I always wonder though, where do they end up landing?  I mean, does some guy in Canada walk out of his house in the morning and find 30 burned up Chinese lanterns in his front yard? Hmmmm, I wonder.


All in all it was a fun and eventful day.  You can see some of the photos from the day below.


Somewhere in there are 60 tons of grapes and a bunch of people with purple feet.


My daughter Emily took this one.

While I was outside getting this one.

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Chrissy and the Boys My friend Chrissy had mentioned on a couple of occasions that she wanted to have some photos done of her and her boys Max and Jack.  As the end of 2014 began to loom we decided we needed to get it done or we might miss out, so we met up one day after work in October at Long Point State Park on Chautauqua Lake.

I was a little worried about how many photos we would actually be able to do because Max and Jack are three and five years old.  It's kind of hard to hold little guys' attention for very long and I feared it might be a little like herding cats.

When we all arrived I grabbed a blanket out of the car and threw it on the ground and had everyone lay down on it (okay, not me... I was laying in the grass).  We were able to get a few good shots there but they were anxious to do some moving around.  They really wanted to go on this path that went up a hill so we all headed toward the hill.  Trying to keep them somewhat entertained and interested, I asked if they could carry the blanket for me.  Wow, you would have thought that I had given them a brand new X-box gaming system.  They each grabbed a corner and went running across the lawn yelling, "we get to carry the blanket, we get to carry the blanket!!"  Hey, whatever works.

Just before we got to the top of the hill I had them stop and asked if they would like to make some piles of leaves.  Well, they got right to it and in no time at all we had a couple piles of leaves.  I then asked the boys to throw the leaves in the air and try and catch them.  I happily shot away as they tossed the leaves in such a way that you would have thought a small tornado was whipping through the woods.

When we got to the top of the hill I heard Chrissy say "uh, oh."  I looked up only to see two separate playsets.  Before we could get the boys attention they saw the playsets and that was that.  Off they went.  It was okay though, I wanted them to have some fun and be in good moods.  I used the opportunity to get a few shots of them playing on the playsets.

Throughout the shoot, every now and then, one of the boys would let out this big "yooooooooohhhhhllllll", and then of course, the other one would join in with a big "yoooooooohhhhhllll".  At times it sounded like a couple of coyote pups seeing the moon for the first time.  After a while it dawned on me that they might actually be saying something but I couldn't figure out what it was.  I asked Chrissy, and being the mother of three and five year old boys, she of course said she hadn't really noticed them yowling.  (Really?  I'm pretty sure there were actual coyotes in Canada that heard them.  I understood, though, as a parent you just get used to that kind of stuff.)  She asked them what they were saying and after a couple more yowls she turned to me and said, "They're saying your name."  Oh.  It turns out whenever Chrissy would say something like,"now listen to Joel and do what he says" the yowling would start.  It was kind of funny once we figured it out and I took it as a sign they liked me.

As we were headed back to the path to head down the hill Max decide he needed a potty break.  Oh boy.  Now I'm the father of two girls and when a situation like this occurs we need to find an official government approved potty fast.  I started to worry a little bit because I hadn't seen any kind of a bathroom since we had been there.  I was a little concerned about the length of time we were taking already and if we now had to go on a potty finding expedition I was afraid I might lose the boys attention and not be able to get it back.  My fears were short lived though as Max promptly ran behind the nearest tree and took care of business.  I love my daughters, but times like this, I'm thinking boys might have been easier.

The rest of the time the boys did great.  We found an old boat to sit in and went out on a couple of docks.  There, of course, was the periodic headlock (under the guise of a hug) and wondering when we were going to be done, but in the end we all had a lot of fun.  They were kind of tired of it all by the time we were finished but in between the yowling and the headlocks we got some great pictures.  You can see a sample of them below.


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Emily and Curtis Engagement Shoot Tad and Vicki are a couple of friends of mine from high school.  Their daughter Emily and her fiance Curtis are planning on getting married this June and Tad and Vicki have given me the honor of doing the photos for their daughter's special day.  Before the big day, though, we needed to do some engagement photos.

I met Emily and Curtis and Emily's mom Vicki at Celoron Park in early October for the shoot.  Celoron is a small town on the shores of Chautauqua Lake.  If you read my blog you may recognize it as the place we did some of Nick's senior photos.

Emily and Curtis were a lot of fun to work with.  They were pretty much up for anything and even brought along a few props.  Props are great because they help give ideas of different things to do.  I particularly liked the chalkboards.  No one I've shot has ever used them before and they were a lot of fun.

In no time at all we'll have some photos from the wedding day itself, but until then here are a few from last October.


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Robotic Surgery TV Ad for WCA Hospital I recently finished work on a new TV ad for WCA Hospital highlighting their robotic surgery services.  Linda Johnson, WCA's marketing person, wrote the script and I shot, edited and did the voice-over for it.  It's always a challenge doing this sort of thing because you literally have to shoot most of it after hours when the "actors" (actual doctors and OR techs) are at the end of a long day and just want to go home.  They have to sort of just stand around a lot waiting for their turn on camera and for multiple takes.  Everyone was a good sport though and things went pretty smoothly.

This commercial was interesting in that we didn't use just WCA people but also incorporated a cello player from New York City who spends his summers at Chautauqua Institution and plays in their orchestra.  It's always tough work when you have to take part of a day and spend it at Chautauqua :-)   In speaking with him I found out that he's played in orchestras for numerous TV commercials and movies.  You might think someone like that would be a little...... let's see.... how to say it nicely ..... uppity perhaps, but he was really friendly and we had a nice visit.  When I told him that we were using a piece of music from Bach (I couldn't remember which one) he sat down and started playing something and asked if that was it.  I listened for a few seconds and then realized that it was indeed the song we were going to use.  I had him play the beginning and ending over and over again so I could shoot him at different distances and with different movements.  He was very patient with me and the folks that walked by his front porch, where we were, appreciated the mini concert.

The spot is playing on local cable on various networks and at local theaters (before the movie starts).  It took a while to get approval from all the interested parties but once it was all done I was pretty happy with the final results.  You can check it out below.


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My First Attempt at Real Estate Photography When I found out my friends Dan and Linda were putting their house up for sale I asked them if I could do some photos of the house.  I had always wanted to try and do some architectural/real estate shots and just really hadn't ever had the opportunity.  I had fooled around with my own house and done a few shots there, but never a whole house.  I told them I wouldn't charge them and they could even use the shots if they wanted for their listing.  How could they say no, right?

They said they had already taken some of the furnishings out of the house so some of the rooms were a little sparse but I said that was okay, I would still like the practice.  I had done some reading up on real estate photography and it appears that folks who do this kind of thing do it one of two ways: using multiple flashes or something called HDR photography.

HDR photography is a process where you take multiple exposures of the same thing using different aperture settings and then combine them into one photograph.  The idea is to expose one photo for the brightest part of a room (usually sunlight coming in the windows) and another for the darkest areas of the room.  You then do a varying amount of other shots between these two extremes to properly expose other areas of the room.  One HDR photo will typically be made up of anywhere from three to seven exposures.  I've seen some cool photos done with this process where the final photo looks kind of dreamy and .... just different, for real estate though, I've found that if it's not done exactly right the final results can look kind of strange and sort of fake looking.  Because of that, I decided to go with the flashes.

I only had three flashes available to use for this house.  If I start to do more of this kind of work I would probably get at least a couple of more.  It always seemed like there was some little spot that I would have liked to have had a little more light.  All in all though, being that this was a first attempt, I think things turned out pretty good.  Dan and Linda were happy with the photos and even ended up using them for their listing.  Oh, and in case you were interested, the house already sold.  I'm pretty sure it was the photos that did it :-)


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Senior Photos of Nick at Allen Park and Celoron Back in August my friends Chris and Karla had me do some senior photos of their son Nick.

We started out in Allen Park in Jamestown, NY.  It's a nice place with all the regular park stuff as well as a little valley that has a creek running through it.  Nick and his friends often hang out there.  After the park we went to Celeron, NY which is one of the little towns on Chautauqua Lake.  Nick and his dad like to go fishing there so they thought it would be a fun place to get some shots.  While we were there it got pretty dark so we broke out the flashes and had some fun doing some photos with flash.  I normally do mostly available light photos so it was fun to do something a little different.  We got some great shots from both locations, some of which you can see below.


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Chautauqua Region Community Foundation Photos Back in July my friend Elizabeth Gleason of Tint Press asked me to do some photos of the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation board members and employees.  The photos were for the foundation's web site that Elizabeth was updating.  The employees were to be photographed in their offices but she wanted the board members photographed with just a white background.  I've done lots of shots of people in their offices but hadn't really done a lot with just a white background.  It was something kind of new and I was excited to give it a try.

I don't really have a studio so I brought a backdrop to the foundation's offices and set up on a couple of different occasions.  Once I figured out how best to do the white background shots things went pretty smoothly and I was pretty happy with the end results.

Below are all the shots I did for them, but if you would like to see what Elizabeth did with the board member's shots on the website you can find it here.  She did this really cool thing where if you hover your mouse over the board member their picture kind of jumps out a little and a short bio pops up.  All in all, a fun project to do.  Photos below.


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Margo Rey Performs on Bemus Point Floating Stage Back in August I had the opportunity to attend a Margo Rey concert and take photos for WCA Hospital.  The proceeds of the concert went to breast cancer care at WCA.

The concert took place in Bemus Point, NY on the floating stage.  If you've never seen it, the stage actually is a floating platform that is sitting out in Chautauqua Lake.  It's pretty neat.  The audience sits on the shore looking out at the stage.  Every year the Bemus Bay Pops organization has a number of concerts on the stage during the summer months.  It's really quite the thing.

Margo Rey is married to comedian Ron White and is herself a cancer survivor.  Ron was at the event also and introduced his wife.  Before the performance Margo and Ron had a meet a greet with the attendees many of which were also cancer survivors.  Margo and Ron were great with talking to people, signing autographs and having photos taken.

The concert itself was great and at the end Margo had the cancer survivors come up on stage with her.  It was a really moving moment and one I'm sure they will all remember for some time.  Photos below.


Promo photo for the event


Lining up to take a group photo with Ron can be a bit of a challenge :-)


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Carly and Adam get Engaged Carly and Adam recently got married in October (blog post to come) but back in June we did their engagement session.

I met Carly and Adam and both of their parents one afternoon at Chautauqua Institution for their session.  Adam's family is from Pittsburgh, PA and his parents had never been to Chautauqua so it was nice to show them around. Chautauqua is such a great place to do photos because there's just so many different settings to do things at.  There's really cool architecture, a huge lake, lots of trees and walking paths.  We tried to hit as many places as possible and ended up with some great shots, some of which you can find below.

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WCA Hospital 2014 Meeting of the Corporations Every year in May WCA Hospital in Jamestown, NY has, what they call, the "Meeting of the Corporations".  It's really just a year in review kind of a thing that is open to the public and highlights all the accomplishments of the previous year.  There's a written report that is given to anyone who comes to the meeting and is also distributed in the local newspaper.  (If you would like to see a pdf of the report you can find it here.  I did all the photography in the report except for one photo.)

For the past 18 or so years I've also produced a video that talks about all the accomplishments of WCA from the previous year.  There's only so many ways, though, you can talk about the economic impact that WCA has on the community or about all the awards and accreditations they received or all the new equipment they purchased.  Quite honestly, after a few years they all started sounding and looking about the same.  This year, however, Linda Johnson, the PR and marketing person at WCA, thought it might be fun to try something a little different.  If you're into Facebook at all you may have noticed that earlier this year they were doing this thing to celebrate they're anniversary where they would make this little one minute video about you and your time on Facebook.  Linda thought it might be fun to do a year in review video about WCA that kind of looked like a Facebook video.  I told her I thought we could do it, so we did.  It was fun to do and I think it turned out pretty good.  If you've never seen one of the Facebook videos you might not get it exactly but you still get all the information we wanted to convey and it wasn't the same kind of thing we've done for the past umpteen years.  You can see the video below.


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One in Christ Event As we near the end of 2014 I have come to the realization that I have become a blogging slug.

Writing isn't my most enjoyable activity to begin with but I was determined to try and keep the blog entries at least fairly regular (remember, it's good to be regular).  The last half of 2014 I have failed miserably.  So, with that being said, I will now begin to make up for lost time with a flurry of blog posts to finish out the year.

Way back in April I was involved in the "One in Christ" event which took place at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts in Jamestown, NY.  It took place on Maundy Thursday and was a wonderful event that included music, drama, dancing and inspirational speakers.  I was asked to video the entire program as well as produce a video piece that was shown during the program.  (If you would like to view the entire event you can find it here on YouTube.)  Below you will find the piece that I produced that was shown during the program.  It highlights eight local ministries that were helped by the money that was raised at the event.  I've also included below a short promo piece that I produced that gives you an idea of what the event was all about.


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Senior Photos of Ryan at Chautauqua Institution Earlier this year I had the pleasure of doing some senior photos of Ryan, a student at Chautauqua Lake Central.  His mother, Beth, had seen the photos of Lauren, another CLCS student, I did last year and wondered if I would be able to do some of her son.  I said "of course", and we set up a time on a Saturday to meet at Chautauqua Institution.  To make a not so long story even shorter, it poured on that Saturday.  We agreed to meet the next day instead which turned out to be a very nice day weather-wise.

Ryan was fun to photograph because he brought a bunch of different props, including his SUV.  It's usually easier to do shots when you have props because it helps give different ideas for different poses.  With Ryan we had everything from baseball and soccer to fishing and archery.  The session took a little longer than usual because of all the props, but that was okay, I think we ended up with some nice photos because of it.

Here are some examples from the day.


Ryan with his mom Beth

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Sara and Hugh's Wedding at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts in Jamestown, NY Sara and Hugh were married way back in February of this year and I've really wanted to write about it because it was such a unique wedding.

You may remember Sara and Hugh from their engagement session last fall.  If you haven't had a chance to see their engagement session I would encourage you to check it out.  There were some beautiful fall colors that day [along with just a bit of wind :-) ]

The thing that made Sara and Hugh's wedding so interesting was that it took place in the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, an old vaudeville theater that was built back in the 1920's.  They used the theme of a theater for the wedding, from their decorations down to the programs they gave their guests.  It was really unique and a lot of fun, and, from what I understand, this was the first wedding ever held at the theater.

The day began with the Sara and her girls getting all gussied up at Salon One in Jamestown.  A little while later Hugh and the guys met for lunch at Taco Hut in Jamestown.  Luckily the restaurant is only a couple of miles from the salon and I was able to scoot over and get some shots of the guys before they were done.  Once everyone got to the theater they moved downstairs to the dressing rooms.  It was really neat because it was like everyone was getting costumed up to be in a play.  For a gift, Hugh got all of the guys super hero cufflinks, which I thought was really cool.  And, to even further the fun and uniqueness of the day, the boutonnieres the guys wore were made of comics.  We eventually went upstairs and did some formals on the stage, the girls first and then the guys.

Just before the ceremony started we did something I'm pretty sure you've never seen done at a wedding.  Back when I first met Sara and Hugh, Hugh told me of an idea he had to start the ceremony.  I thought it sounded like a lot of fun and told him that I was pretty sure we could pull it off.  His idea was to pass out those cardboard 3D glasses to all the guests when they came in to the theater and just before the ceremony started we would have everyone in the crowd put on the glasses and then have me take a picture of them.  The idea was to make it look like one of those old photos of people watching a 3D movie back in the 1950's.  Now, normally I try and be as unobtrusive as possible when photographing a wedding but that wasn't the case this day.  There I was marching out onto the stage and setting up some lights and telling the crowd what was going on and what I needed them to do.  I asked them to pretend they were watching "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" and that the creature had just appeared and they were all scared out of their wits.  We did that three times and it actually turned out pretty good.  Even if it hadn't turned out all that great, everyone had a lot of fun anyway.

Also, before the ceremony began, they played a video about Sara and Hugh that told all about them growing up and how they met and what led up to this day.  It was fun and a nice touch. 

The ceremony itself took place right on the stage.  The girls all came down the aisle of the theater and then up the stairs onto the stage where the guys were waiting.  Part way through the ceremony a friend of mine, Alex Conti, sang a song from the balcony.  At one point Sara and Hugh did this little ceremony where they nailed a bottle of wine inside a box.  A little reading was then done that said something to the effect of, "If one day things get really bad between us we will open this box, share the wine and remember this day."  I had never seen that before and the sentiment of it was really nice.

After the ceremony there was a cocktail hour that took place out in the lobby while we did the formal family and wedding party photos.

The reception itself was also held right on the stage.  All the tables were set up behind a curtain so you couldn't see them during the ceremony.  For table numbers they used hinged picture frames with the number of the table on one side and a mini movie poster on the other. The food was provided by Sandee's Catering and was delicious.  I particularly liked this Reuben sandwich dip stuff they had for the cocktail hour.  Whenever I had a spare minute I found myself walking past the table with the dip and scarfing one (or two) up.  My good friends at Prime Time DJ Services provided the music for the reception.  They did a great job and had the joint jumping the whole night.  DJ Sizzle even provided a little extra something when he whipped out a fiddle and played along with "Cotton Eye Joe".  

The father daughter dance is always a special time during the reception and this one was made even more interesting because Sara and her dad were serenaded by one of the bridesmaids who sang to them from one of the box seats in the theater.  The funny thing about that was that the bridesmaid didn't know all the words to the song so she was reading them off her cell phone.  Ahh, technology.

All in all it was a fun and unique event and I pray that Sara and Hugh are able to keep that "fun-ness" alive for their entire marriage.

Here are some shots from the day.


This is what you see on the ceiling when you lean your head back to get your hair washed.

Her unique and beautiful bouquet was made of broaches. (note: the 15th was their wedding day)


Best photo bomb of the year so far :-)

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St. Susan Basket Fair in Jamestown, NY St. Susan Center in Jamestown, NY is a wonderful ministry, that simply put, feeds hungry people.

Each year St. Susan Center has a number of fundraisers, the latest of which, was their annual Basket Fair.  Sue Colwell, the center's director (no, it's not named after her :-) ), asked me if I was available to do some photos at the fair. Seeing that my schedule was open that day I of course said yes.  I've done some other projects for St. Susan and am always glad to help out.  If you look at the St. Susan website you'll see a video I produced for them a few years ago.  It really let's you know what St. Susan Center is all about and how you can help.  If you have a few minutes I would encourage you watch it.

The Basket Fair this year was held, for the first time, in the Jamestown Community College Athletic Center and was their most successful fair ever.  All the wonderful attendees helped St. Susan Center raise over $13,000.00.  

The photos that follow are nothing spectacular, just some snap shots, really, of a whole bunch of people that came together one day to help out a great cause.  


Sue Colwell (St. Susan Center Director) with former County Executive Greg Edwards and son

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Weber Knapp Promotional Video and Photographs I recently finished a promotional video and photography for a new Weber Knapp product called the Monitor Mate Lift.

Weber Knapp is a company in Jamestown, NY that engineers and manufactures everything from cabinet hardware to counterbalanced hinges used on tanning beds.  I've done product photography for them before that they have used on their website and printed materials, but this was the first product that I've also done a short video for.  Nothing complicated, just a short video that tells about a new product.  I did all the video production as well as the voice over.

Thanks to my friend Elizabeth Gleason at Tint Press for the recommendation.  Elizabeth does web and graphic design and is the owner of Tint Press.  She created and maintains the Weber Knapp website.  If you ever need any graphic design or help with your website Elizabeth is the one to get in contact with.

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