Hi there, I'm Joel Marsh. Thanks for stopping by.

I started Joel Marsh Productions back in 1999. Yup, a century ago (well, sort of). I began by mostly concentrating on video production and voice-over performance. I wanted to get to the point where I was producing television commercials and /or doing voice-overs on radio and TV. I did a fair bit of stuff locally but as time went on I found myself being drawn more and more to photography. There's just something about a photograph that can grab your attention and tell a whole story in just one image. I find that fascinating.

This website is pretty much dedicated to my photography work, however, I still do video production and would love to talk to you if you've got a project in mind. And, if you just happen to represent some large multi-national company that is looking for a new voice for your company, then hey, let's talk.

If you're interested in learning more about me check out the list of terribly fascinating items below. Once again thanks for stopping by and I hope we have the opportunity to work together some day.



Terribly Fascinating Facts about Joel Marsh

- I'm the youngest of seven children. (That should explain a lot right there.)

- Growing up I wanted to be a professional baseball player or a drummer in a famous rock band.

- I went to Cassadaga Valley High School in Sinclairville, NY and the State University of New York College at Fredonia where I graduated with a BS in Communication/Media with concentrations in radio and television broadcasting and a minor in Theatre. (Wow, that sounds way more impressive than I remember.)

- Among the many sports and musical activities I participated in in high school perhaps the most interesting one was that I played the bass guitar in the marching band. Yes, the marching band.

- My wife JoAnn and I met when we were nine years old but never dated until we were 20. It only took eleven years to wear her down.

- We have two daughters; Meagan and Emily, two of the most awesome kids you would ever want to meet.

- We live in a log house that we built ourselves. (Ourselves being our entire families and anyone else that was unfortunate enough to stop by.)

- We have two cats; Henry and Sassy. They allow us to stay with them.

- I worked part-time as a DJ in Oklahoma City for a while.

-Besides Joel Marsh Productions, I also work at WCA Hospital in Jamestown, NY as the Audio/Visual Technician. (FYI, Jamestown, NY just happens to be where Lucille Ball is from. How cool is that?)

-I play drums in the band at church.

-I still like to do local theatre when I can find the time.

-I root for the Buffalo Bills and Sabres. (Yeah, I know I know, I'm a glutton for punishment.)

-I really like Doritos. They like me too, so much in fact that they have figured out a way to immediately attach themselves to my mid-section and never leave.

- I really like pizza and chicken wings. (See above statement.)

-I love my family more than anything and I thank God for them every day.