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Carole Smith(non-registered)
Hi Joel!
Looking forward to being able to use your services soon! Your photos are great!
Sue Colwell(non-registered)
The photos are awesome! Thank you for being a wonderful friend to St. Susan Center Soup Kitchen. Joel Marsh you're the best!
Rich Thies(non-registered)
Nice job Joel.
Jenell Krishnan(non-registered)
Dear Joel,

Thank you again for your dedication to capturing all the important moments, both obvious and minor, during our wedding ceremony and reception. Your balance between creative aptitude and technical expertise is evident in our breathtaking wedding photo album! There is no question that hiring you was one of the most vital decisions we made while the planning of our wedding. Thank you for capturing our beautiful memories in your stunning photography. Thank you for listening to us about what we want in our wedding album, and lastly, thank you for making our album an absolute work of art. Please feel free to give our phone number to anyone who would like to discuss our experience with your services.

Kal and Jenell Krishnan Delighted Customers of Joel Marsh Productions
Mary Gabalski(non-registered)
Joel, This is an amazing collection of work and it really only touches the tip of the iceberg. Over the past few years you have created memories of some of MY familys' happiest moments and captured the love and emotion that was being felt in each one. These will be cherished for generations and it's only through your talent and eye for seeing even what we couldn't at the time that we have those memories. Here's wishing you great success and may all who view your site and consider you to be "their" photographer know that they will find noe on more talented, caring and intuitive when it comes to making memories. Thank you for weaving the tapestry of our family's history through your work & Congratulations on your new website!
Rachelle Hildom(non-registered)
Nice work Joel. best of luck!
Jeff Hulett(non-registered)
Web page looks great Joel
James Bailey(non-registered)
Love the rings on the sunflower!
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